Bendsneyder reaches top 20

Bo Bendsneyder   

Position: 20th – Championship: 29th – Points: -

Bendsneyder - 2018It was a really tough race for me. After ten laps I got a lot of pain in my left leg. I didn’t have any power anymore, especially in the left corners, so it was truly hard and difficult to pick up the bike. We need to find out what happened. I already felt it during the weekend, but I thought it would maybe change in the race with the adrenaline, but finally, it was even worse. We need to check, take a break now and working hard for the upcoming round.” 



Team Manager

I’m very, very happy with how Remy ended up the first part of the championship. He started so well and of course we were so disappointed after the unfortunate accident that happened to him riding Motocross before Jerez and we thought it was going to be very difficult for him to come back at the level he was at the start. Finally, he showed incredible determination with the way he worked on his physical condition. He asked me to come back in Barcelona, which I thought was really crazy. But anyway, he had the green light from the doctors and we told him to try. From that point he already did an amazing race scoring in such a tough race and with such a lot of pain and such a weak body condition. Since then, he has been showing so much hard work to come back. After being unlucky in Assen, here all through the weekend he has been fast. To see him finishing eleventh in that strong group fighting with Moto2 race winners like Quartararo and Marquez, is a great reward. We are very proud of him. I would like to thank him a lot and the whole Moto2 crew because they don’t always have an easy time. Go on holiday resting, don’t do too much Motocross and come back strong, Remy! On the other side, Bo has been pushing and trying. But sometimes reality is cruel. 20 seconds behind Remy means a lot. I know he’s working hard, but right now, we just try to help him. Bo is such a nice, polite, well-educated and good guy and we are here to help, willing to give him whatever he needs. I wish him also a good break. Hopefully, we see both of them back in full shape and ready to race in the Czech Republic.”


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